Strawberry Milkshake 1oz


Inspired by the revered and now-discontinued "Cry Baby Perfume Milk", which has become a rare gem fetching upwards of $1,000 a bottle, ALT. Fragrances introduces "Strawberry Milkshake".

This fragrance is a loving ode to days of whimsical innocence, blended with an edgy undertone, reminiscent of youthful escapades and untold secrets. The journey begins with a captivating embrace of dark fruits, setting an air of mystery. Amidst this captivating aura, the tantalizing note of strawberry milk emerges, merging effortlessly with a unique lipstick accord.

This juxtaposition paints a narrative of playful rebellion - a dance between sweetness and a deeper intrigue. Venturing deeper into its heart, the fragrance evokes feelings of pure nostalgia through a tender baby lotion accord. It's a gentle nod to cherished childhood moments, yet with a hint of mischief playfully peeking through.

Concluding this olfactory adventure, a sumptuously rich layer of burnt caramel makes its presence known, lend

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