Tan Behavior by Method Tans


Organic Based





Self Tanner

All ingredients are naturally derived, vegan, & paraben free.

You'll receive a beautiful tan and nourished skin at the same time. Self tanner + Skin care all in one! The vitamins and antioxidants in the ingredients will condition & firm skin - your skin will look as flawless as your tan!

***You control the color: This is a Rapid-Develop solution. Rinse with water in

2 hours - light bronze

3 hours - medium bronze

4 hours - dark bronze

Some skin tones can leave on even longer & apply more coats for a deeper result.

This product is easy to apply and does not have unrealistic bronzers or harsh smells.

****You will see your final color 24 hours after application not at the 2-4 hour rinse****

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